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On May 21st and 22nd 2019, Genoa hosted the 6th FIWARE Global Summit. It was the first time that this event landed in Italy. The event gathered the FIWARE community and city representatives, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, SMEs, decision-makers, large enterprises, and developers to discuss the recent trends in smart technologies and urban development. Innovation, efficiency,...
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KNOWAGE suite is now available on its 6.4 version. From the previous version the following changes have been made: News Managements, a new option to create news for the end user; The user is now able to change the document name, within workspace; Registry, the profile attributes filtering criteria are applied on Registry document; When integrating Knowage with...
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Knowage Renews Sponsorship in Support of Open Source and Open Source Initiative.  Open Source Software project cultivates collaboration by extending outreach to OSI as part of broader community development. Knowage, the open source suite for modern Business Analytics, combining traditional and big data sources into valuable and meaningful information, has renewed their sponsorship of the...
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On May 22-23, 2019,  the 6th FIWARE Global Summit will take place in Genoa, Italy. The theme of the event will be “Building a Smart Future with Data“. The FIWARE Foundation strongly supports the adoption of de-facto standards of open source, reusable components that implement common APIs and interfaces for portability and interoperability of applications. Engineering Group...
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Konsultex Informatica is now Knowage Community Supporter. Konsultex is a systems integration and consulting organization specialized in project management and related business systems, focusing on Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, ERP and CRM systems.
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On April 2nd and 3rd 2019, Knowage Labs gathered together in Turin. The meeting aim was to give the team an opportunity to meet and address some topics of general interest together. The hashtag #WeAreKnowage was launched. The events started with presentation game which lead to the building of a passion-and-skills wall of the team....
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VEII Turin and Hong Kong, 25th of February 2019 . Knowage, the open source and full capabilities business analytics suite powered by Engineering Group, has strengthened a partnership agreement with Value Exchange International, Inc.
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webinars New free webinars are now available: Knowage Labs experts will guide you through the most interesting features of the 6.3 release and  will give you the most useful practices to exploit its full potential. Actually, you can subscribe to :
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KNOWAGE suite reached a new important milestone thanks to the joint effort of Knowage Labs and the open source community: KNOWAGE 6.3.1 is now available. From the previous version the following changes have been made: – Cockpit/Chart
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Knowage evolves to meet the latest analytical needs thanks to the innovation and research coming from the open source community. Everyone is invited to join the community effort contributing on the source code. Here the 2019 roadmap: