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FOSDEM 2021 will be the first online edition of the well known free event that every year gathers thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world.

This edition features 648 speakers, 711 events, and 113 tracks. Activities take place in 109 rooms. There are essentially the following categories of sessions and activities: main tracks, developer rooms, lightning talks, stands and certification exams.

Main tracks

The main tracks consist of series of talks that are organised by topic, where the FOSDEM 2021 program committee selects suggestions and actively invites speakers on those topics.

Developer rooms

The vast majority of events (talks, hacking sessions, open discussions) are held in so-called developer rooms (devrooms), which are organized and managed by open source projects themselves, or even associations between several such projects on a common topic in order to foster collaboration.

Lightning talks

The lightning talk is a very popular format where speakers have a mere 15 minutes at their disposal to showcase an open source project, an idea, or a concept thereof. While that brief lapse of time may seem awkward, it almost always leads the presenters to concentrate on the absolute essence and what is really important, which is why it is often a much appreciated approach, as is the wide variety of the topics. There are currently 21 lightning talks in the schedule.

Knowage at OW2 Community booth

Stands offer a unique chance to get in touch with developers or project members, and discover at a glance what they do. The OW2 Community has its own booth and Knowage Labs will be available there to meet other colleagues and to present the main novelties in open source analytics and business intelligence.

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