Modules comparison


Knowage modules allow to build a tailored product. Each module is conceived for a specific analytical domain and with the full set of necessary capabilities to work alone without restrictions. This way, some functionalities are available in more than one module and, when combining more modules, they are shared. Here below the detailed table of Knowage modules to explain which capabilities are available in which modules.


Static, pixel-perfect reports


Common charts (bar, line, pie, radar, etc.) based on free libraries; interactive and zoomable charts based on advanced libraries with commercial license


Olap engine with drill-down, slice & dice, drill-trough capabilities. Web designer for OLAP documents. Charts (*), calculated fields, time series, MDX functions


What-if engine for scenario simulation over hierarchical models, with versioning. Simulation on facts, basic propagation alghoritms. On-line usage with ROLAP technology. Simulation on dimensions; sequential workflow to manage concurrent usage; advanced propagation algorithms(*). Off-line usage with synchronizing methods and MOLAP strategy(*)

Composed view

Composed view to combine different analytical documents in a single view


Interactive cockpits with associative logic; multi sheet. Widgets for: text, image, charts, table, cross table, external document (report, etc)

Cockpits - KPI widget (*)

Widget for KPIs. Near real-time with refresh time

Cockpits - map widget (*)

Widget for maps and SVG designs


Measures, KPIs, thresholds and targets. Schedule the KPIs evaluation and centralized alerting system. Integration with context-broker GE in FIWARE ecosystem. Scorecards and self-service KPIs (*)

Data/text mining

Analytical documents based on R/python scripts

Data/text mining - function catalogue

Function catalogue

Data/text mining - pre-built functions and models (*)

Pre-built functions and models (*)

Free inquiry

Drag & drop query builder over metamodels and simple data sets

Free inquiry - spatial dimension

Spatial dimension

Free inquiry - time dimension

Time dimension

Data federation

Combining different data sets in a single one with an associative logic; drag & drop query builder over federated data sets. Discovery associations between data sets; high volume support (*)


Map catalogue, GIS documents, WMS/WFS standard, SVG designs

Maps - spatial filters

Filter using maps as driver, spatial operators and dimension


Network view. Network analysis with measures to study distance, density, etc (*)


Integration with office documents


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Data entry

Automatic production of checked forms to edit attributes or data on simple tables

Dossier (*)

Automatic production of a dossier to collect different documents in a single customized presentation


Private environment where each user can access to the analytical documents and data sets he can use in a free way. Ad-hoc reporting and self-service capabilities, to upload personal data and use them in a self-made cockpit. Create and organize folders in the private area

Mobile support

Usable with tablet and smartphone; responsive GUI

Mobile support - alert for new reports (*)

Alert for new released document (*)

Subscription (*)

Subscription to thematic collection of documents, produced at a certain time, that could be received via mail or by the analytical portal

Navigation through documents

Cross navigation from/to different documents

Navigation - drill everywhere (*)

Navigation map, pop-up, drill everywhere (*)

functionality in roadmap
What-if - model designer (*)

Simulation modeler (*)

Report designer

Designer for BIRT and Jasper, with deploy over a Knowage server

Web designers

Designers for: OLAP, chart, cockpit, kpi, GIS

functionality in roadmap

Metamodel for rdbms and jdbc sources; metamodel life cycle

Metamodel - data profiler & CWM

Data profiling, store on rdbms and CWN export

Traditional data sources

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class

Big Data sources

Big data sources (Hadoop ecosystem and NoSql databases); CKAN repository; writing on HDFS


Business models, OLAP catalogue, SVG, layers


Calendar for time dimension and operation

User & role management

Users & roles management, profile attributes management

Security Profiling

Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Process management

ETL with Talend; common processes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Manual Metadata

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Metadata recovery & glossary

Metadata from Talend processes

Data linage

Data lineage and Impact analysys


Multitenant management


Scheduling for analytical documents; distributed output

Process schedulation and monitor

Processes and data sets schedulation with rules based on time or events; monitor for planned and current jobs

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model


Multienviroment installer

functionality in roadmap

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