The Open Source Business Analytics Suite


Knowage open source business analytics suite inherits the long history of SpagoBI. The Community Edition continues this tradition, providing value to the community of developers and users.


Knowage provides advanced self-service capabilities that give autonomy to the end-user, here able to build his own analysis, explore and organize his own data space.


Knowage is developed by professionals and the Enterprise Edition provides the full set of services to guarantee its adoption even in mission critical applications.


Knowage adopts open standards and can be used in various environments without considerable requirements. Moreover, its modules can be combined each others to get a tailored solution.


The open source business analytics suite is composed of several modules, each one conceived for a specific analytical domain. They can be used individually or combined with one another to ensure full coverage of user’ requirements, allowing to build a tailored product. Knowage is a smart solution since the beginning.

big data

Knowage BD;

Combine structured historical enterprise data with external multistructured ones


Knowage SI;

Usability, ad-hoc reporting, free inquiring, self-management for the end-user


Knowage ER;

Certified data, certified processes, certified reports, certified users


Knowage LI;

Combine business measures and spatial data at run time


Knowage PM;

Combine historical data with RT measures, detect & react


Knowage PA;

Make hypothesis and evaluate their impacts in an interactive way


The suite is available on two versions. The Community Edition, with the whole set of analytical capabilities, entirely free under an open source licence, is part of the software stack managed by OW2 as SpagoBI always did. The Enterprise Edition, with a commercial offering and some facilities for the administrator, is provided and guaranteed directly from Engineering Group, the leading Italian software and services company.


Big Data module is certified on Cloudera and MapR data platform. Thanks to its integration with Apache Spark, Knowage is also a Databricks Certified Application.


An active community supports the suite adopters helping to solve issues and sharing expertise. In addition, free webinars are periodically provided by Knowage Labs.


Knowage adopters benefit from a free online documentation which guides through the suite installation and provides all required information both for the End User and the Administrator.


On the Enterprise Edition a full set of professional services are provided by Knowage Labs, ranging from trainings to consultancies or customized developments and more.

Knowage 8.0 RC now available!

The Release Candidate of Knowage 8.0 is now available for download. From the previous version 7.4 the following changes have been made: GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS • A new Google SPANNER data source is available, the user can create Cockpit using SQL data set on Google SPANNER tool• A new Azure Synapse Analytics data source is available, the…

OW2con Event Highlights

For the second year, the OW2 conference, has being held as an online open source event. The event involved 45 speakers representing 15 countries with the main focus on the theme “Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem“. Knowage Labs joined the event with two speeches. On Wednesday 23, Davide Zerbetto, Knowage Architect, showcased in exclusive…

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