Knowage partnerships are dedicated to companies, academies and individuals that are deeply involved in the suite growth and spreading. Different relationships can be established depending on the role to play in the Knowage ecosystem.


Knowage Integrator Partners are IT companies with a deep knowledge of the suite and a specific line of business over it. They actively use and promote the suite, maintaining a direct contact with Knowage Labs. Through a commercial agreement, they receive specific trainings, up-to-date versions and information, special conditions on services. Integrator partners have a certified and guaranteed competence to support clients who want to explore and adopt Knowage for a new analytical experience.

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Knowage Community Supporters are IT companies, academies or individuals that use the suite and are actively involved in its open community. They share knowledge and experience on the community channels, supporting other members and building a free and spontaneous network to strength their practice on Knowage.

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All Knowage partners take a relevant role in sharing their experience with other users of the suite. To follow their events and projects:

Knowage belongs to several international organizations and supports European research projects aiming to develop open source solutions.