Online demo


As active members of the open source community, Knowage Labs wanted to use their expertise on data visualization and data analysis to make open data about COVID-19 as meaningful as possible for everyone.

Therefore, Knowage Labs developed different interactive cockpits over COVID-19 open data and made them available for everyone on Knowage online demo.



Overview of the main analytical documents provided by the suite: traditional and advanced charts, reports, maps, OLAP, KPIs and interactive cockpits.


Create an interactive cockpit in a few clicks and without technical skills. Interactive cockpits enable data exploration and self-service reporting. By combining data and widgets, every business user can build his own dashboard in a few minutes.


Upload private files, use external open data sets (CKAN), relate both with enterprise data using a federated model. Data federation enables to work with different data sources at the same time, combining heterogeneous data sets in a common model. Here it is possibile to declare the logical correspondences between data or ask Knowage to propose the auto detected ones. The so federated model can be used in every analytical document as any other data set.


Drag & drop query builder, to freely inquire traditional data source and big data systems, producing custom data sets.


Create a business metamodel, over a traditional data source or big data systems/SQL databases, which provides a metadata catalogue. A metamodel is a logical business view over the technical storage system which organizes data. Once it has been defined by a technical user who well knows data and visibility rules, then the metamodel can be freely used by end users to inquire data, forgetting questions about their structure.


Use advanced analytics with private data in an easy way (prevision using R script).

Start now using Knowage, explore its functionalities and create your analysis without any restriction!