Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting

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More business using more data with Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise Reporting refers to the delivery of punctual information to a diversified set of users, at the right time, according to a pixel-perfect and ready-to-print layout. This approach focuses on profile-based security allowing users to access meaningful information as certified data, in the proper format.
Knowage Enterprise Reporting gives the opportunity to work with traditional data sources to produce static reports, usable with a full set of parameters and producing different outputs.


Knowage ER presents information with a structured and easy-to-read layout, which can be traditional (tabular and charting) or more creative in the form of infographics. Pixel-perfect reports can be produced and distributed as PDF, CSV, XLS, RTF or XLSX.

Knowage Enterprise Reporting static report


Reports can be produced on-line to read data when the user runs them, or off-line to have them ready-to-read in a click. A powerful scheduler allows to define the policy to produce and distribute reports even in a massive way, sorting out the right output to the right user.

Knowage Enterprise Reporting scheduler

Functionalities and versions

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition

Static, pixel-perfect reports


Integration with office documents


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Dossier (*)

Automatic production of a dossier to collect different documents in a single customized presentation

Mobile support - standard capabilities

Usable with tablet and smartphone; responsive GUI

Mobile support - advanced features

Alert for new released documents (*)

Subscription (*)

Subscription to thematic collection of documents, produced at a certain time, that could be received via mail or by the analytical portal

Navigation - standard capabilities

Cross navigation from/to different documents

functionality in roadmap
Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Report designer

Designer for static reports, with deploy over a Knowage server

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Traditional data source

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class

User & role

Users & roles management, profile attributes management


Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Metadata - standard capabilities

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Scheduler - standard capabilities

Scheduling for analytical documents; distributed output

Scheduler - advanced features

Processes and data sets schedulation with rules based on time or events; monitor for planned and current jobs

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model

Installer - standard capabilities

Installer on tomcat/mysql with demo application

Installer - advanced features

Multienviroment installer

functionality in roadmap