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Consultancy services provided only on KNOWAGE Enterprise Edition. Discover KNOWAGE Enterprise Edition advantages!


Carrying out a business intelligence project is a very demanding activity which needs to be treated in detail at every stage to produce effective results and support agile decision making. Our consultancy services support you during the whole analytical process, starting from the first prototype, along with the support to development and implementation activities, the integration with other tools and periodic health checks. KNOWAGE services help you saving money and time while reaching your business goals.

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KNOWAGE Labs can provide you with knowledge and expertise gained in several decades of work and consultancy in analytics and business intelligence in all market sectors. KNOWAGE Labs gather together different job functions and capabilities to provide the best professionals for your business needing. KNOWAGE Labs professionals belong to Engineering Group, digital transformation leader worldwide.

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QUICK START guided installation, data source connection, first report/dashboard creation
TEMPLATING realization of a customized style for your dashboards, custom chart and R/Python scripts
PEER-REVIEW professional review of your projects with suggestions on efficiency improvement and data visualization
TRAINING ON THE JOB support in the creation of your project with education on specific analytical functions
PROOF OF CONCEPT useful to verify KNOWAGE capabilities and power on real use case in a short time
STYLE CUSTOMIZATION customization of KNOWAGE look&feel for your BI portal (colour, logos, font, etc.)
DATA ARCHITECTURE support to the definition of the best data architecture for you project with KNOWAGE
CUSTOM WIDGET development of custom widgets for your dashboard (custom chart, R/Python widget, HTML widget)
ANALYTICAL FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT development of a custom analytical function (R/python code) not natively available with KNOWAGE
EMBEDDING ANALYTICS how to plug KNOWAGE outputs & functions into your ERP or portal
OEM SUPPORT support the integration of KNOWAGE with your own market solution or a third-party product
MOBILE FIRST guideline and prototyping for dashboards natively designed to be efficiently used from mobile devices
SECURITY & SSO support integrating KNOWAGE with your security repository and SSO for the authentication
ENVIRONMENT CERTIFICATION certification of KNOWAGE in your reference environment
MIGRATION SUPPORT useful to safely migrate between different versions and environments
CUSTOM SUPPORT support of any other analytical needing not mentioned in the above services

Custom consultancy services can be delivered to support the needs that are not listed above. Contact us to find the best solution for your project.

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Custom developments for KNOWAGE embedding into a third part product.

Look & feel customization and new interactive chart development.

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Look & feel customization for the healthcare sector.

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KNOWAGE Enterprise Edition facilitates your project at enterprise level with advanced functionalities and support services. Pricing depends on the combination of modules and plugins that fits your need.

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KNOWAGE Labs develop the software together with the open source community and manage it with the related services. KNOWAGE Labs professionals belong to Engineering Group.

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Free support is provided by the open source community: users share their experiences and knowledge, helping each other to take the most out of their projects with KNOWAGE!

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