Knowage belongs to different open source communities with the aim to contribute to the widespreading and growth of the open source movement.

OW2 - Knowage Open Source Communities

OW2 is an independent industry community dedicated to develop open source code infrastructure (middleware and generic applications) and to foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some one hundred technology projects, including Knowage.
Co-founder and corporate member of OW2 Consortium, Engineering Group seats at the OW2 Board of Directors and OW2 Technology Council and participates in many consortium lifecycle activities. It leads the OW2 Big Data Initiative, fostering the growth of a business ecosystem in the Big Data domain. It also participates in the OW2 Open Source Cloudware initiative, a joint effort of partners from Brazil, China, Europe and the U.S.A. with common goals in the cloud domain.

ECLIPSE - Knowage Open Source Communities

Eclipse Foundation is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the whole lifecycle. It is a not-for-profit, member-supported corporation that hosts Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both a community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services. Engineering Group is an Eclipse associate member.

OSI - Knowage Open Source Communities

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) stewards the Open Source Definition (OSD) and the community-recognized body for reviewing and approving licenses as OSD-conformant. It is also actively involved in Open Source community-building, education, and public advocacy to promote awareness and the importance of non-proprietary software.
Engineering Group is an OSI Corporate Sponsor.


Knowage supports various European research initiatives and projects aiming at the development of open source solutions and at the analysis of the most important aspects of this phenomenon.

FIWARE - Knowage Open Source Communities

Knowage is available on Fiware Marketplace as Fiware-ready software enabler. FIWARE is the core platform for Future Internet applications, powered by the Future Internet Private Public Partnership Programme within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission. FIWARE aims at providing a truly open, public and royalty-free architecture and a set of open specifications that allow developers, service providers, enterprises and other organizations to develop products which meet their business goals.
In this context Knowage provides an open source, reusable component that is able to interact with other FIWARE components (generic enablers) via Open APIs. For more information visit

P4All - Knowage Open Source Communities

Knowage is also involved in the FP7 funded project Prosperity4All. Prosperity4All focuses on the development of a new IT infrastructure to bring new players with both low and high technical skills into the development and delivery ecosystem, to introduce accessibility as a ubiquitous service, and to combine auto-configured access features built into mainstream products with assistive technologies and services. Knowage will contribute to this project by providing expertise and knowledge of the IT integration market, as well as testing a set of accessible software tools by integrating them in the BI suite. For more information visit

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