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Open Source for Innovation

We believe innovation comes when people have no barrier to study, use, test and modify things. We believe innovation comes when people join a collaborative project and let it to grow and transform. We believe innovation comes when people make things with passion. We believe open source is the place where all these things can happen.

Coming from the long history of SpagoBI, KNOWAGE Community Edition includes all analytical capabilities and guarantees a full end-user experience.

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KNOWAGE CE is released under the Affero GPL v3 license.


KNOWAGE CE is part of the software stack managed by OW2.


KNOWAGE CE source code is available on GitHub.


KNOWAGE can be translated in every language on Zanata portal.


To become KNOWAGE contributor, you only need to sign in on Github and accept the Contributor License Agreement. The contribution will by evaluated be KNOWAGE Team and possibly consolidated and integrated into KNOWAGE source code, into the project documentation or into the project source repository by commit authorization.

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We are pleased to introduce some people who are contributing or have contributed to the growth of KNOWAGE in this 20-years history. Behind every name, there is a person with his/her history, made of knowledge, experience, talent and passion.


Marco Battaglia (Quantyca), Italy – Development of GeoReport engine
Alessandra Cauli (Engineering Group), Italy
Charly Clairmont (Altic), France
Maxime Chambreuil (Savoir-faire Linux), France
Chiara Chiarelli (Engineering Group), Italy
Alessandro Daniele (Engineering Group), Italy
Daniele Davì (Engineering Group), Italy
Stefano Donin, Italy
Giorgio Federici (Engineering Group), Italy
Monica Franceschini (Engineering Group), Italy
Luca Fiscato (Engineering Group), Italy
Gioia Andrea (Engineering Group), Italy
Gaurav Jauhri, India – Integration of AJAX Qooxdoo framework
Lazar Kostic, Serbia
Dario La Neve (Engineering Group), Italy
Susana Lopez Barreras, Spain
Fabrizio Lovato (Engineering Group), Italy
Salvatore Lupo (Engineering Group), Italy
Nunzia Marotta (Engineering Group), Italy
Benedetto Milazzo (Engineering Group), Italy
Alessandro Pegoraro (Engineering Group), Italy – Improvements on security and password encryption module
Mark Penningroth, USA
Amit Rana, India – Code refactoring and integration of AJAX Qooxdoo framework
Monia Spinelli (Engineering Group), Italy
Alessandro Sulis (Engineering Group), Italy
Francesco Timperi Tiberi (Engineering Group), Italy
Daniela Tura (Engineering Group), Italy
Giovanni Luca Ulivo (Engineering Group), Italy
Pavel Vassiliev, USA
Sven Werlen (Savoir Faire Linux), Canada – Integration of Liferay 5.2
Giordano Valentini (Engineering Group), Italy
Alessio Conese (Engineering Group), Italy
Arsenije Dujic (MHT), Serbia
Danilo Ristovski (MHT), Serbia
Letizia Pernigotti (Engineering Group), Italy
Ana Tomic (MHT), Serbia
Alessandro Piovani (Engineering Group), Italy

Jessica Luis Lopez (Engineering Group), Italy
Simona Di Mase (Engineering Group), Italy
Emmanuele Bello (Engineering Group), Italy
Stefan Petrovic (MHT), Serbia
Nikola Simovic (MHT), Serbia
Lucas Carmo – Security Patch
Edward Toledano – Security Patch
Luca Ottoni – Security Patch
Marko Kostic (MHT), Serbia
Francesco Lucchi (Engineering Group), Italy
Predrag Josipovic (MHT), Serbia
Milos Sesic (MHT), Serbia
Emanuele Ristoratore (Engineering Group), Italy
Andrijana Predojevic (MHT), Serbia
Haaris B. – Security Patch

Muhammad Shahzaib, Pakistan – Security Patch

Companies and organizations

ASL 3 Torino, Local Healthcare, Italy
Genoa Municipality, Public Administration, Italy
Province of Venice, Public Administration, Italy
Quantyca, Italy
Savoir-Faire Linux, Canada


KNOWAGE is composed of two main modules: Enterprise Reporting, dedicate to the production of pixel-perfect reports and Smart Intelligence, dedicated to the development of interactive analyses.

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Free support is provided by the open source community: users share their experiences and knowledge, helping each other to take the most out of their projects with KNOWAGE!

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Start now using KNOWAGE, explore its functionalities and create your analysis without any restriction! KNOWAGE Community Edition contains all modules and all plugins.

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