OW2con Event Highlights
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For the second year, the OW2 conference, has being held as an online open source event. The event involved 45 speakers representing 15 countries with the main focus on the theme “Leveraging the European Open Source Ecosystem“.

Knowage Labs joined the event with two speeches. On Wednesday 23, Davide Zerbetto, Knowage Architect, showcased in exclusive preview the new upcoming features of Knowage 8, the main release that will be available by the end of July. On the same day, Marco Cortella, Knowage Consultant presented two real success stories in big data exploitation in healthcare and energy market.

>> Watch the full event recording on You Tube!

During OW2 conference, the OW2 Quick App initiative was launched. This is an open collaborative effort by members of OW2 and other contributors lead by Huawei to promote the Quick App technology, an industry-grade implementation of the W3C MiniApp standard. The standard allows advanced services to be made available on mobile phones without having to first install an application.

Moreover, OW2 community announced that it joined forces with the Eclipse Foundation, OpenForum Europe, and Foundation for Public Code towards the OSPO Alliance whose mission is to foster awareness of open source in Europe and internationally and promote the OSPO methodology developed by the OW2 Good Governance initiative.

In the end, the winners of OW2 awards have been announced: LemonLDAP Tool Box won the Community Award, XWiki the Market Award and Zenroom the Technology Award!

More about OW2con21: https://www.ow2con.org/view/2021/

More about OW2: https://www.ow2.org/

More about Knowage: https://www.knowage-suite.com/site/

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