Paris Open Source Summit 2018 Digest
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On 5th and 6th of December, the Open Source Summit gathered in Paris the European open source community.

Knowage Labs contributed to the event through a talk held by  Paolo Raineri (KNOWAGE business developer). He gave a brief overlook on how KNOWAGE suite enables tech people to empower the end-users experience showing how filling the gap between tech and non-tech users is the future essential feature of the business analytics world.

We also promoted two talks held by Alexandre Nasry (Synaltic) and Gabriele Ruffatti. In the first one, Alexandre showed how to simplify data access for all organisations and ecosystems with Dremio project. The second one, was on Digital Ethic in the post-truth era. Gabriele presented the challenges posed by digital revolution and AI.

Other  topics that really engaged the audience have been:

  • a mobility project, “Move In Saclay”, by Nicolas Rebierre
  • Stamp project by Luca Andreatta. STAMP is a really useful project on automatic Software Testing
  • numbers sovranity” thanks to the Open Source world by Veronique Torner (Alter Way)
  • Sil Taz Linux “manual 4.0 printing machine“. Thierry Pierrat showed their RaspberryPi-based handmade machine to digitalize books
  • open source Smart Agriculture, a casa study by Ekylibre
  • CryptPad. Aaron MacSween showed how to use CryptPad tool to encrypt almost everything in a fast and easy way.

The event allowed OW2 community to meet again in person: in the OW2 Village different members exchanged ideas and promoted the Consortium. Just to mention few of them: XWiki,, EngineeringActiveEon, Alterway, Inria.

During the POSS, we celebrated also the 20 years of Open Source Initiative (OSI) of which Engineering Group is OSI Corporate Sponsor.


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