Milan Measure Camp 2018
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On Saturday 14th, the first Italian Measure Camp in Italy tooke place in Milan. MeasureCamp is an idea born in the 2012 as a different type of Digital Analytics conference. It is an open, free-to-attend un-conference, where everyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute a session. “Listen – Discuss – Learn – Apply” is the motto. This year, 20 MeasureCamps took place all around the world.

Knowage Labs attended to the event with three different speeches:

  • What sports analytics can teach us for business” and “What we really need from data visualization and BI” by Paolo Raineri, Knowage business developer
  • Lots of data from lots of tools: an open source software, a handmade solution, a European project” by Elena Marchisa, Knowage marketing & communications

The speeches were a real opportunity to share how Knowage features can improve data analysis in really different fields. The event was a great chance to meet other professional in the analytics field from all over the world and share winning ideas, common pitfalls and vision for the future.

One of our articles describing the event is available here.


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