KNOWAGE 8 is now available!
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KNOWAGE 8 is now available for download at this page. The new release brings many significant new features and general improvements. Among the most important: the widget gallery, the function catalog and the resource manager.

>> Download KNOWAGE 8

THE WIDGET GALLERY: the administrator/developer can create templates for widgets (html, custom chart and R/Python) using the Gallery management. The end user can create a new widget choosing from the templates available in the widget gallery tab. The widget gallery can also be imported/exported among different environments.

THE FUNCTION CATALOG: the user can browse predefined R/Python scripts to add advanced analytics in the main widgets. It is possible to save own scripts to reuse it later. The function catalog can also be imported/exported among different environments.

THE RESOURCE MANAGER: the administrator can now directly manage resources (ML models, Talend processes, geographic layers, dossier templates, BIRT and Jasper translations, html pages) via web console, without the need to connect to the server.

Furthermore, KNOWAGE 8 is available not only in English, French and Spanish, but also in German, American, Portuguese and Chinese.

Since this version, KNOWAGE can natively access to Google Spanner and Azure Synapse Analytics data sources.

In the end, KNOWAGE 8 authentication is allowed also via Google IAM and Azure AD.

>> Download KNOWAGE 8

The upgrade of previous KNOWAGE installation to this new release is highly recommended.

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