EU Dataviz Conference 2021
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EU DataViz is an international conference on open data and data visualisation addressing the needs of the public sector across the EU. Online from Luxembourg to the world, it is organised by the Publications Office of the European Union as part of the EU Open Data Days. The conference is funded by ISA2 programme of the European Union. 

This free online conference on 23 and 24  November 2021 will provide the opportunity to share experiences and latest trends in open data and data visualisation. EU DataViz will bring together the open data and data visualisation community, including policymakers, researchers, academia, private entities, students and citizens interested in the power of open data as a factor determining our future.

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Knowage talk has been selected among 151 submissions from 47 countries. Marco Cortella (KNOWAGE Data visualization Specialist) will present with Davide Vernassa (KNOWAGE UX and Front-end Developer) the talk: “Data visualization on mobile devices – issues and best practices from a real use case in the public sector“.

Data visualization techniques allow providing end user with relevant information and insights in the most effective way. At the moment, the vast majority of companies and public entities visualize data through charts and dashboards conceived as desktop solutions and large screens or for print. However, the usage of content from mobile devices has been growing rapidly and is necessary to enable the access to reliable information in an easier and more interactive way. User interactions on desktop and mobile is deeply different and depends on the different screen sizes, so knowing how to adapt the data visualizations conceived for large screen to smaller ones is a fundamental asset.
Starting from our experience in the health sector in Veneto Region (Italy) during this pandemic, we would like to illustrate some of the challenges and possible solutions in the creation of dashboards and data visualizations designed to be primarily usable by mobile devices.
This pandemic period showed us the limitations, exclusions and misleading behind visualizations: taking inspiration from these cases, we will present the state of the art of data visualization on mobile and how it can evolve to meet the needs of users according to our experience.

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