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10 years OW2 Engineering and Knowage Labs attended to the OW2con17 in Paris last week. The event of this year has been also the occasion to celebrate the 10-year history of the Consortium and to outline the path for the next years.
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Today is the first day of the OW2con’17 in Paris. The main theme of this edition is “New Challenges of Mainstream Open Source Software”: OW2 projects representatives and professionals from corporate members succeeded on stage sharing ideas and use cases on how the open source can face modern challenges.
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Today, the final version of Knowage has been released to the open source community and is available for the download on the OW2 Forge. The release includes documentation, an installer to support the first adopters and the scripts for different Rdbms (hsql, oracle, mysql, postgresql).
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From 26th to 27th June, Knowage will participate to OW2con17, the annual event of the OW2 community. Knowage team will share its expertise and show Knowage most important functional evolutions
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Engineering Group and FIWARE Foundation announce the availability of Knowage as new brand of the FIWARE component for business intelligence and data analytics.
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From 29th to 31st May, Knowage participates to the 2nd FIWARE SUMMIT in Utrecht, Netherlands. Alessandro Portosa (Knowage consultant) and Davide Zerbetto (Knowage technical manager) are there to present Knowage
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KnowageBD is a Databricks Certified Application thanks to its integration with Apache Spark, the powerful 100% open source processing engine built around speed, ease of use, and sophisticated analytics.
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The OSCON 2017 has been a great opportunity to showcase the new Knowage editions and celebrate OW2 10th anniversary.
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O’reilly Convention, Austin (Texas), May 9, 2017 – Engineering Group – the leading Italian software and services company – and OW2 – one of the top-4 global open source organizations – announce Knowage, the new brand for SpagoBI project.
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From May 10th to 11th the Knowage project will be showcased at OSCON in Austin, USA. Knowage and OW2 consortium will be at #123-4 booth presenting the new Knowage version now available in OW2 offering.