Analytics Trainings during the lockdown
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In this #lockdown period, Knowage Labs strength their effort to deliver free online webinars to whom interested in taking time for data visualization and analytics trainings with Knowage.

Here follows the list of the free webinars available at the moment:

KNOWAGE ADVANCED OVERVIEW – full analytical capabilities overview: this webinar provides a complete overview of the full stack of analysis that you can perform with Knowage.

KNOWAGE COCKPITS – Creation Tutorial and Best Practices: this webinar aims to show how to create useful, interactive and beautiful cockpits. Step-by-step tutorial, Best Practices and tricks to fully exploit KNOWAGE potential.

KNOWAGE ADVANCED VISUALIZATIONS – R and Python widget: this webinar shows how to realize useful advanced visualizations with Knowage. In particular, it will present in preview the new R/Python widget. This new widget allows to embed R and Python scripts directly within a cockpit filling a gap between datavisualization and datascience.

It is possible to browse different dates available and subscribe the webinars on this page.

More new analytics trainings are expected to be scheduled soon.

Knowage free webinars are provided by Knowage Labs. Knowage Labs develop Knowage software together with the open source community. In addition, they manage the suite and the related services listed in the Professional Services page. Knowage Labs professionals belong to Engineering Group. The offices in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Padua, Turin) and Republic of Serbia (Belgrade) coordinate a network of international affiliates that serve as local contact points for customers and integrators.

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