Professional Services


Maintenaince services are already included in the Knowage Enterprise Edition subscription. Discover Knowage Enterprise Edition advantages!

Knowage services benefit of two different delivery modes: IN CLASS (both Engineering Group’s sites or at your premises) and ONLINE (through a web conferencing tool).  In the first case, the required minimum of participants is three, in the second case is two.

Service Notes
STANDARD TRAININGS useful to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the suite per package offering
AD-HOC TRAININGS useful to satisfy you own knowledge needs per day offering
TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY useful to adapt Knowage to your technical environment (i.e. security, data platform, middleware, data provisioning, APIs usage) per day offering
HOW-TO CONSULTANCY useful to properly set up your analytical solution and take the best from Knowage (efficient data strategy, advanced options on documents, data visualization, profiling rules) per day offering
PROOF OF CONCEPT useful to verify Knowage capabilities and power on real use case in a short time small/medium/large size
PEER-REVIEW useful to assess your analytical project and address critical items per day offering
CUSTOMIZED DEVELOPMENTS useful to extend or customize Knowage in a trusted way per package, ad-hoc offering
MIGRATION SUPPORT useful to safely migrate between different versions and environments per package, ad-hoc offering
Knowage enterprise edition

Please notice that Knowage services are provided on the Knowage Enterprise Edition only.


Training courses alternate theory and hands-on sessions based on real use cases to provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the suite. They are delivered in Italian and English. Some courses can also be delivered in other languages by our Training Partners.

Do you want to achieve a full proficiency on Knowage? Choose the training agenda that most suits your needs and contact us to get a price quotation.

Standard training courses

Objectives: The course provides participants with a general understanding of the mission and capabilities of Knowage suite, as well as a clear overview of its offering and business model, focusing on its market competitive positioning.

Audience: sales representatives and partners willing to have business thanks to Knowage suite

Prerequisites: There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

Commitment:  2 days

Agenda: The course alternates lectures and live demos, as well as specific sessions focused on sharing perceived market needs, according to the following agenda:

  • Presentation of the suite and its products (Big Data, Enterprise Reporting, Smart Intelligence, Location Intelligence, Performance management, Predictive Analysis)
  • Strengths and focal points
  • Business model and market strategy
  • Comparing the suite with competing products
  • Use cases
  • How to start

Objectives: Participants will learn how to build self-service cockpits and analytics with Knowage suite in a ready-made GUI environment.

Audience: BI specialists, BI developers, data analysts.

Prerequisites: Participants should possess basic concepts of business intelligence e data warehousing.

Commitment:  3 days

Agenda: the course refers to a ready-made case study, in order to allow participants to practice and get hands-on experience with Knowage, as a power user. The agenda includes:

  • Overview of basic concepts
  • Introduction to case study
  • How to use generic features (Searching and execute predefined analysis)
  • Free inquiry:
    • How to use universal datasets

    • Developing cockpits with simple data sets

    • Uploading external data

    • Associative logic and navigation

    • Thematic maps

    • Multidimensional analysis and what-if

    • Function catalog

  • How to customize your environment and workspace

Objectives: Participants will learn how to use Knowage to define advanced analytics, requiring more specialized skills, and offering higher analytical potential. Participants will also design a consistent and secure data environment enabling self-service business analytics.

Audience: BI administrators, BI developers, data analysts.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of SQL and XML. Basic business intelligence and data warehousing concepts recommended. Good command of the main topics of the “Professional training”.

Commitment:  5 days

Agenda: the course refers to a ready-made case study, in order to allow participants to practice and get hands-on experience with Knowage advanced analytical features. The agenda includes:

  • Overview of basic concepts
  • Introduction to case study
  • Specialized training topics:
    • Advanced reporting

    • Advanced analytics

    • Data mining

    • KPIs and scorecards

  • Data preparation
    • Metamodel

    • Universal data set: creation method

    • Data profiling

    • Data federation

    • Caching mechanisms

  • Administration features
    • Scheduler and event monitoring

    • Multitenant

    • Server manager