FIWARE community gathers in Malaga
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On 28 and 29th of November, the FIWARE Community gathers in Malaga (Spain) for the first FIWARE Tech Summit. Developers, startups and corporates from the worlds of Open Source, Smart Cities and Internet of Things come together to share experiences and create the future.


28th November
During the Developers Day documentation, hands-on experience, and open working style will be shared to highlight how FIWARE technology can ease the development of each smart application.

At 11:15 PM, Alessandro Portosa (Knowage Technical Consultant) will held the speech “Business Intelligence and Analytics using Knowage” in the “Implementing context awareness in Smart Applications using FIWARE” session


29th November
During the Startups Day, technology leaders share their vision on smart solutions in cities, agriculture and industry.

At 11:00PM, Alessandro Portosa (Knowage Technical Consultant) will present Knowage as the Business Intelligence tool for FIWARE during the IContext/Data Management Workshop (Room 2).


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