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From 20th to 24th October the CityCube in Berlin hosted the Smart Country Convention. The event focused on digital solutions for administrations and public services: in municipalities, cities, regions and the federal government. FIWARE community joined the event with its own Village where several companies belonging to FIWARE communities such as Knowage were showcased.

On 23rd and 24th of October, the Smart Country Convention was joined by the FIWARE GLOBAL SUMMIT. FIWARE, the industrial-driven open service platform promoted by the European Commission, Engineering and other international ICT players, launched the new edition of its Summit in Berlin to discuss and further the knowledge of the adoption of de-facto standards of open source, reusable components that implement common APIs and interfaces for portability and interoperability of applications.

Moreover, on 24th of October, Marco Cortella, Knowage solution designer, held the speech “Knowage hands on: visualizing data insights” presenting Knowage 7.0, officially released the previous day.

Engineering Group joined these events through different of its companies, presenting in particular the following projects: Waste4Think, MIDIH, Knowage, CaPe, Synchronicity and Digital Enabler. Here more details about Engineering participation.

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