Event and Weather-based Data Analytics along the Shopper Journey



EW-Shopp is piloting the use of the Business Analytics component to build analyses and improve research on data related to weather and events to support its partners and future clients.


EW-Shopp is a Research and Innovation project co-funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework program. EW-Shopp is developing a cross-domain data integration platform to support businesses in leveraging on the huge amounts of data available today, especially from events and weather, and building relevant custom insights and knowledge along the shopper journey. www.ew-shopp.eu


EW-Shopp is carrying out a series of business-oriented pilots to test its innovative approach and tools in the real world. In piloting activities, Knowage is being used at the user interaction stage as an Analytics Platform, open and flexible enough to adapt to various scenarios and able to provide advanced data visualization, smart intelligence and performance evaluation.

Knowage was chosen thanks to its interactive and real time dashboards to visualize Business Analytics, its ease of installation and deployment and its capability to connect to multiple services and data sources (e.g. SQL databases, REST services etc.): a clear competitive plus.

One of the business cases were Knowage is being integrated is about web-searches and is led by JOT Internet Media, a leading Spanish specialist digital marketing agency that generates huge amounts of qualified search traffic for premium partners and helps clients increase their web traffic, monetize it and generate extra revenue.

The EW-Shopp project aims to enable the development of data-driven services to improve the impact of Digital Marketing Campaigns by exploring and analyzing correlations between user search behavior and traits and weather data.



In the various research and innovation activities, Knowage is providing a flexible platform for testing pilot hypotheses and assumptions, setting up dashboards based on the data-flow processes outcomes and allowing users to easily interact with EW-Shopp.

Moreover, the pilot business cases are the result of a real open source cooperation: Knowage open standards and open ecosystems enable partners to build a platform that aims to become part of a larger technical and business community where value is added by each stakeholder.



Matteo Palmonari – EW-Shopp Coordinator, University of Milan-Bicocca

“EW-Shopp is enabling complex data flows to provide business-level decision support and feed innovative data-driven services. Corporate data are enriched using external weather and event data sources, and then explored and analysed using visual and predictive analytics. Knowage is the data visualisation component of the EW-Shopp platform, where it is used to create dynamic visualisation and analytics dashboards in the project business cases.”