Umbria Confcommercio – CRM and Datavisualization

Data analysis to support Italian Entrepreneurship



The Umbria Confcommercio started a process of Digital Transformation aiming to become fully data-driven in the next 5 years in all its activities towards associates and the National Confcommercio Association. Confcommercio needed to standardize its information structure, evolve and maximize its business offer according to data and become an innovation driver for its Region and for the National Confcomercio Association.


The Umbria Confcommercio was born in 2016 from the regionalization of Confcommercio in the province of Perugia. Confcommercio was founded in 1945 to support the growth of companies and for over 70 years has been their reference point and trusted partner to face the complexity of business management, to ensure more success for the business and greater development perspectives. Confcommercio Enterprises for Italy - Umbria with its 7,000 associates, is the most representative organization of commerce, tourism and services in the region.


Represents and protects companies, professional activities and self-employed workers during their interactions with the PA. Enhances the interests of the associates, affirming their economic and social role in the Umbria region.

Organizes and provides information services and training, in particular specialized services to allow associates to seize opportunities, correctly observe the rules, save time and money.

Promotes collaborations between companies for the development and progress of associates.

Assists and represents associates in the stipulation of collective agreements or any other economic agreement.


The customer was willing to fully exploit all the available data to provide its associated with the most appropriate solution according to their needing. Confcommercio aimed to evolve from being a company mainly focused on services to a company with a strong customer-oriented approach.


During its Digital Transformation, Confcommercio Umbria was supported by Osmosit. Osmosit is an Italian enterprise offering IT solutions and services based on open source technology supporting the design, development and integration of information systems both in the private and public domain. Osmosit provides its customers with tools and strategies, helping to identify all the needing, finding the resources and the tools and supporting them in the journey towards Digital Transformation. Osmosit is Knowage Integrator Partner.


Business Intelligence for entrepreneurship: Knowage Document BrowserThe various offices of Confcommercio Umbria used different information systems, producing excel documents that were difficult to compare with each other’s. The data collection phase for the realization of any long-term initiative or project lasted months. The first objective of the project was the achievement of an effective data-collection and a standardized information structure.

All available data stored in the previous different storage systems have been therefore collected in a new open source CRM. This platform was then integrated with Knowage for data visualization and data analysis purposes.

An example of Business Intelligence for entrepreneurship: interactive viewConfcommercio managers became able to browse and analyse company data through a single interactive view and few clicks on it. This allows gaining a deeper understanding of the ongoing phenomena and the situation of their associated.

For instance, they noticed that the phenomenon of dissociation from intermediate bodies is for the 70% the result of closure of activities due to lack of generational turnover.

The results of the surveyWhen the first difficulties related to the pandemic emergency arose in March 2020, Confcommercio can rely on a solid information system thanks to which support the associated companies to face the new scenario. In June 2020 Confcommercio carried out its first satisfaction survey among its associated to understand the sentiment of the members in Covid emergency (What were their priorities? How the association could support them in this particular moment?).

The new business strategy: interactive dashboardThe results of the survey havw been analysed with Knowage and integrated with the information assets already available. The analysis showed the need for companies to have a single company reference point who follows the companies, gives information, stimulates the demand for services, etc. The participation to the survey was so high and the data collected so significant that it was decided to periodically repeat it.

Interactive dashboard for tutor's activity analysisFinally having reliable data, Confcommercio managers decided to renew the business strategy.
They take the data-driven decision to give to each employee a package of associated companies to monitor. Employees access to monitor dashboards that help them to rapidly find out the ongoing serviced, the services already proposed and the new services to propose to each associated company. In this new business structure, Confcommercio employees are real tutors that support associated companies in this changing scenario.



The available analyses are now based on a centralized and standardized system.


Thanks to a common shared repository, all data are easily shared to people in charge of monitoring and analysis activities.


The user has an immediate overall view of the data and the related phenomena. Using filters, drill down and cross navigation he can analyze a specific phenomenon in depth and on more dimensions in an intuitive way.