Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

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Predictive Analysis concerns the ability to perform advanced processing using data mining techniques for forecasting and prescriptive purposes. Moreover, it means being able to simulate actions and evaluate their effects on different assets. Knowage Predictive Analysis gives the opportunity to work with traditional data sources or external files, processing them with advanced algorithms written using R/Python and other scripting languages. For what-if purposes, Knowage PA provides an OLAP-based solution that allows the interactive simulation process over measures and dimensions.


Explore and navigate data on different detail levels and from different perspectives through drill-down, drill-across, slice-and-dice and drill-through options. Simulate new values at any level and evaluate the effects through every dimension, by comparing different scenarios and versions.

Knowage Predictive Analysis what-if


Data scientists write complex analytical models a normal user can then adopt in his daily evaluation. Thanks to a simple and parametric usage, advanced analytics becomes a for-all tool.

Knowage Predictive Analysis datamining

Functionalities and versions

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Olap - standard capabilities

Olap engine with drill-down, slice&dice, drill-trough capabilities. Web designer for OLAP documents

Olap - advanced features

Charts (*), calculated fields, time series, MDX functions

What-if - standard capabilities

What-if engine for scenario simulation over hierarchical models, with versioning. Simulation on facts, basic propagation alghoritms. On-line usage with ROLAP technology

What-if - advanced features

Simulation on dimensions; sequential workflow to manage concurrent usage; advanced propagation algorithms(*). Off-line usage with synchronizing methods and MOLAP strategy(*)

Data/text mining - standard capabilities

Analytical documents based on R/python scripts

Data/text mining - standard capabilities

Function catalogue

Data/text mining - advanced features

Pre-built functions and models (*)


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Navigation - standard capabilities

Cross navigation from/to different documents

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
What-if - advanced features

Simulation modeler(*)

Web designers

Designers for OLAP

functionality in roadmap
Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Traditional data source

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class


OLAP catalogue

User & role

Users & roles management, profile attributes management


Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Metadata - standard capabilities

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model

Installer - standard capabilities

Installer on tomcat/mysql with demo application

Installer - advanced features

Multienvironment installer

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