Performance Management
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Detect immediately and act quickly with Performance Management

Performance Management concerns the ability to measure and evaluate your business performances. This not only requires the measurement of your goals and targets according to specific thresholds and from different perspectives, but also the capability of promptly reacting to critical events and unexpected issues, as a result of specific alerts and notifications. Knowage PM gives the opportunity to work with traditional data sources or external data, in order to set KPIs, goals and targets up to build composed scorecards.


Key performance indicators allow the user to measure and evaluate business performances according to certain goals and within specific thresholds.

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To enable reactivity, Knowage PM provides warning signals to alert technical or business users as soon as a relevant KPI gets over its threshold.

Knowage alert system

Functionalities and versions

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Charts - standard capabilities

Common charts (bar, line, pie, radar, etc.) based on free libraries

Charts - advanced capabilities

Interactive and zoomable charts based on advanced libraries with commercial licence

Cockpits - standard capabilities

Widget for KPIs

Cockpits - standard capabilities

Near real-time with refresh time

KPI - standard capabilities

Measures, KPIs and thresholds. Schedule the KPIs evaluation and centralized alerting system. Integration with context-broker GE in FIWARE ecosystem

KPI - advanced features

Targets. Scorecards and self-service KPIs (*)


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Mobile support - standard capabilities

Usable with tablet and smartphone; responsive GUI

Navigation - standard capabilties

Cross navigation from/to different documents

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Web designers

Designers for KPIs and scorecards

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Traditional data source

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class

User & role

Users & roles management, profile attributes management


Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Metadata - standard capabilities

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model

Installer - standard capabilities

Installer on tomcat/mysql with demo application

Installer - advanced features

Multienviroment installer

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