Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence

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Discover your business space with Location Intelligence

Location Intelligence means plotting business data over a map, a space, a schema, a vectorial picture. This allows you to get immediate insights over data, thanks to mash-up techniques too, without the need for moving data between GIS systems and data warehouse environments. Knowage Location Intelligence gives the opportunity to work with traditional data sources and spatial data with a live relation between them, in order to produce dynamic maps via WMS/WFS standards or static maps and pictures in SVG format.


Get immediate insight from your business data plotting them over a map and exploring them with different layers and formats.

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A fully customized experience can be set up using vectorial canvas and therefore driven by data. The only limit of the experience is the SVG standard.

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Functionalities and versions

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Cockpits - standard capabilities

Widget for maps and SVG designs

Free inquiry - standard capabilities

Drag & drop query builder over metamodels and simple data sets

Free inquiry - advanced features

Spatial dimension

Map - standard capabilities

Map catalogue, GIS documents, WMS/WFS standard, SVG designs

Maps - advanced features

Spatial operators and dimension


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Navigation - standard capabilities

Cross navigation from/to different documents

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Web designers

Designers for maps

functionality in roadmap
Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Metamodel - standard capabilities

Metamodel for rdbms and jdbc sources; metamodel life cycle

Metamodel - advanced features

Spatial dimension

Traditional data source

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class


Business models, SVG & layers catalogues

User & role

Users & roles management, profile attributes management


Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Metadata - standard capabilities

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model

Installer - standard capabilities

Installer on tomcat/mysql with demo application

Installer - advanced features

Multienvironment installer

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