Big Data

Big Data

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More business using more data

Big Data is not only a matter of volume. It implies the capability of dealing with different data types and sources, combining structured enterprise data with external multi-structured ones.
Knowage BD gives the opportunity to work with big datasources and traditional ones, federating datasets to build different analysis such as: static reports, maps, network views, interactive cockpits and data/text mining models. Moreover, the user can freely explore his own data using a drag & drop query builder or having immediate insights thanks to advanced visualizations. Knowage BD is certified on Cloudera and MapR data platform. Thanks to its integration with Apache Spark, Knowage is also a Databricks Certified Application.


Advanced visualization has to show general phenomenon producing insights, before going in depth. With big data, this approach becomes central, because the end user needs to be driven towards relevant facts without being swamped with details.

Knowage Big Data advanced visualization


Data federation enables to work with different datasources at the same time, combining heterogeneous datasets in a common model. Here it is possible to declare the logical correspondences between data or ask Knowage to propose the auto detected ones. The so federated model can be used in every analytical document as any other dataset.

Knowage 6.1 data federation

Functionalities and versions

Community Edition
Enterprise Edition

Static, pixel-perfect reports

Charts - standard capabilities

Common charts (bar, line, pie, radar, etc.) based on free libraries

Charts - advanced capabilities

Interactive and zoomable charts based on advanced libraries with commercial licence

Cockpits - standard capabilities

Interactive cockpits with associative logic; multi sheet. Widgets for text, image, charts, table, cross table, external document (report, etc), maps and SVG designs

Cockpits - advanced features

Associations discovery

Data/text mining - standard capabilities

Analytical documents based on R/python scripts

Free inquiry - standard capabilities

Drag & drop query builder over metamodels and simple data sets; ad hoc reporting starting from data (*)

Data federation - standard capabilities

Combining different data sets in a single one with an associative logic; drag&drop query builder over federated data sets

Data federation - advanced features

Discovery associations between data sets (*)

Maps - standard capabilities

Map catalogue, GIS documents, WMS/WFS standard, SVG designs

Network - advanced features

Network analysis with measures to study distance, density, etc (*)


Integration with office documents


Adding notes to document, sharing information and metadata

Workspace - standard capabilities

Private environment where user can access to analytical docs and data sets he can freely use. Ad-hoc reporting and self-service capabilities to upload personal data and create a cockpit

Workspace - advanced features

Create and organize folders in the private area

Navigation - standard capabilties

Cross navigation from/to different documents

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Report designer

Designer for static reports, with deploy over a Knowage server

Web designers

Designers for charts, cockpits and maps

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Community Edition
Enterprise Edition
Metamodel - standard capabilities

Metamodel for rdbms and jdbc sources; metamodel life cycle

Traditional data source

Standard sources such as rdbms, file, REST services, script, java class

Big Data source

Big data sources (Hadoop ecosystem and NoSql databases); CKAN repository; writing on HDFS


Business models, OLAP catalogue, map catalogue

User & role

Users & roles management, profile attributes management


Behavioural model

Pubblication environment

Setting of profiled end-user menus, themes

Process management

ETL with Talend; common processes

Cache manager

Cache manager

Metadata - standard capabilities

Basic technical metadata and business metadata with manual input

Scheduler - standard capabilities

Scheduling for analytical documents; distributed output

Server manager

Import/export for documents, and resources with filters. Cleaning functions

Audit & monitoring

Audit & monitoring model

Installer - standard capabilities

Installer on tomcat/mysql with demo application

Installer - advanced features

Multienviroment installer

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