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On 28 and 29th of November, the FIWARE Community gathers in Malaga (Spain) for the first FIWARE Tech Summit. Developers, startups and corporates from the worlds of Open Source, Smart Cities and Internet of Things come together to share experiences and create the future.   28th November During the Developers Day documentation, hands-on experience, and open working style...
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Knowage participates, with the OW2 Community, to the Paris Open Source Summit in Paris on 6th and 7th of December 2017. Paris Open Source Summit, now in its third edition, replaces two pre-existing events: the Solutions Linux event and the Open World Forum. The ambition of this event is to tell the international community about the numerous contributions of the...
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Engineering and Knowage Labs attended to Red Hat Open Source Days 2017 this week in Milan and Rome. This edition theme has been « Driving innovation in your digital world ». During the Opening Session, Werner Knoblich, Senior vice president and GM of Red Hat EMEA, presented the challenges of digital transformation. He also provided his vision of the future...
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Knowage 6.1 Knowage CE 6.1 is released today and now available for download from OW2 forge and GitHub. The main improvements are: New cockpit features and general improvements. In the new cockpit it is possible, for example, to move a widget from tab to tab, to manage the look&feel, to choose 3d options for charts...
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Knowage supports the Red Hat Open Source Days 2017: this edition theme is « Driving innovation in your digital world ». As usual, the event will reach Italy in two different dates: November the 7th 2017 in Milan and November the 9th 2017 in Rome. Red Hat aims to gather together the most interesting open source solutions...
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From 26th to 29th of September 2017, Knowage will participate with the FIWARE Foundation, to the acceleration camp of IMPACT GROWTH. IMPACT Growth is the new project from IMPACT Accelerator, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme and framed within the FIWARE ecosystem.
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Knowage Partnership Program has been published. Different relationships can be established depending from the role company, academies or individuals want to play in the Knowage ecosystem: Integrator Partners, that have certified competence to support clients who want to explore and adopt Knowage,
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10 years OW2 Engineering and Knowage Labs attended to the OW2con17 in Paris last week. The event of this year has been also the occasion to celebrate the 10-year history of the Consortium and to outline the path for the next years.
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Today is the first day of the OW2con’17 in Paris. The main theme of this edition is “New Challenges of Mainstream Open Source Software”: OW2 projects representatives and professionals from corporate members succeeded on stage sharing ideas and use cases on how the open source can face modern challenges.
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Today, the final version of Knowage has been released to the open source community and is available for the download on the OW2 Forge. The release includes documentation, an installer to support the first adopters and the scripts for different Rdbms (hsql, oracle, mysql, postgresql).