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I can't apply conditional formatting on the row. For example this selection has no effect on the report

Environment Knowage 7.4, Win Server 2012
asked Oct 11 in Cockpit, Dashboard and Console by cipputi (240 points) | 1 view

Hello cipputi,

we did some testing in our test environments but were unable to replicate the problem.

I ask you for more information on this.

  • What is the precise version of Knowage (including the patch number) you are using?
  • Which browser are you using?
  • Can you check if there are any errors in the browser console?



Hi, the version ok Knowahe is 7.4.6 and we use Firefox 78.15.0 esr (64 bit) or Chrome  94.0.4606.81

this is the column that I use in the condition

for example I set the condition in this mode "column >= 2000000000"

without effect

I change the condition in "column >", also in "", "2,000,000,000", "2,000,000,000.00"

but the result is incorrect


if you open the developer console (F12), do you see any JS error inside?

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