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I want to upload my  knowage server or localhost DB to external server for using other users. They login with their own username and password and  roles .

How I can do this . I need your helps . Please , help and answer my question and contact me an e-mail
Environment Knowage 7.4 Tomcat 8.5 Windows 10
asked Sep 28 in General Configuration by ramin (190 points) | 1 view

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Hi ramin,

if you want to allow access to Knowage from the outside you have to properly configure the server so that it is possible to reach the application.

For user configuration, I remind you that Knowage 7.4 provides integration with LDAPAzure Sign-In and Google Sign-In

I also inform you that we do not respond by email. If you need professional support, please contact us at knowage@eng.it


answered Sep 28 by albnale (2,900 points)
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