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Is there any possibility to change the base layer of the Map in Location Intelligence in Gis Engine.
Can anyone help me with this.

Environment 7.1.3 Version
asked Sep 27 in Location Intelligence by amalchebbi (240 points) | 1 view

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take a look at the official documentation: https://knowage-suite.readthedocs.io/en/7.4/functionalities-guide/location-intelligence/index.html?#georeport-engine.

You can manage your layers configuration from the Layers Catalog.


answered Sep 27 by mbalestri (10,240 points)

hi ,

It is working perfectly the managent of the layers configuration from the Layers Catalog but what i need to do is to  disable the default layer "Open Street Map" and put my own layer. 

something like this in the Map Widget 

Can you please upload a screenshot of you layers catalog configuration?
here is the  screenshot of  layers and the geojson file :

We will add your issue to our internal tracker and keep you updated. Thank you for your collaboration!
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