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I've been trying to create a jasper report with a subreport inside. But I don't know how I have to link the main report with the subreport.


1º I created the main report and the subreport individually 

2º In the main report,  I marked the subreport inside "subreports" section

3º I want to find a way to link the subreport inside Jaspersoft Studio, but I don't know wich "Expression" I have to put in

thank you so much,


Environment Docker version
asked Sep 20 in Reporting by staiapps (120 points) | 1 view

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Hello stalaps,

The expression is related to the subreport filename, do not use relative paths. ie: mySubReport.jasper.

The Knowage procedure is correct.


answered Sep 22 by redjaw (5,080 points)
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