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I'm new to the platform, and I'm really excited about learning how to use it.
As it is a complex platform, I've been trying to find some comprehensive courses or similar, to flatten a little bit the learning curve.
So far I have only found generic presentations, the official reference documentation, and the silent tutorials from the youtube channel which are not very friendly for a beginner, as they don't explain why they are doing what they are doing.
The documentation is fine, but I thought that maybe there is a more friendly or guided way to learn how to use the platform for a beginner (to avoid the guesswork of having to put all the pieces together).
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much!
Best regards
asked Sep 13 in Cockpit, Dashboard and Console by rfernandez2007 (150 points) | 1 view

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Dear rfernandez2007,

I suggest you to visit this page: https://www.knowage-suite.com/site/resources/knowage-webinars/ 

You can find already recorded webinars and, as soon as the new Knowage version will be released, you can subscribe to a new serie of live webinar.

answered Sep 13 by emarchis (4,550 points)
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