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Hi everyone, please i need your help.
I have a problem with the map,
first of all my geographical data are in GEOJSON format,
I exported my data from a table in postgresql (containing a json field)
when I entered the data in the map (coockpit)
the map is displayed normally but when I click on a specific region in the map the other regions disappear and this is exactly my problem.
Thanks in advance .
Environment Knowage 7.4.5
asked Aug 2 in Location Intelligence by saradj (220 points) | 1 view

in version before 7.4.8, the spatial attribute is modal by default: the click on a feature on the map fires a user selection. If you look on the right, just under the pink round button you will see an icon; if you click on it you can see the user selection made by the map.

In 7.4.8, you can disable it, I suggest you to upgrade to at least that version.
Thank you very much for your answer,
I changed my version to KNOWAGE 8.0.0 but I can't find how to disable the selection.
Can you please guide me?
Yes, of course.

In the edit dialog, in the metadata of the layer, you should find the spatial attribute: set it as non modal, disabling the specific radio button.

See the screenshot at: https://i.imgur.com/3e5USMV.png

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we will consider my last comment as the answer of this question.
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