ENAV – Air Traffic Monitoring

Air Traffic Monitoring



ENAV chose KNOWAGE with the will to analyze and optimize the air traffic flow over the Italian airspace and to carry out the operational performance monitoring.


ENAV is the Italian air navigation service provider. With a workforce of 4,200 employees, the company provides air navigation services to the airlines that fly over Italian airspace. ENAV ensures safety and reliability 24/7 for the 1.8 million flights handled yearly from the control towers of 45 airports and 4 Area control centers. www.enav.it

In the first phase of the project, Knowage managed the merge of nine datasources related to flights that crossed the Italian airspace since 2013. These datasets include detailed information on the flight activities of  Italian airports and the position data of each flight, sampled every 30″.

Thanks to its location intelligence capabilities, Knowage allows to found a single flight out of 1.8 million flown every year within seconds. Moreover,  it displays on a map the three routes of each flight  with all the specific points: planned route, actual route, actualized route.

The integration of the nine datasources made possible the easy cross-domain performance analysis otherwise undermined by such a large amount of data. Drill-down and cross navigation capabilities, with a minimum of commitment, lead to high satisfaction both for the user and the analyst.

In a second phase, five other operational datasources were integrated. With the complete set of information ENAV can carry out cross-functional analysis of its operational performance in any domain under its control (for example, airspace, managed airports, operating flights in a specific moment or time interval).

Knowage cockpit- ENAV1
Knowage cockpit- ENAV1

Now ENAV analysts can access pivotable lists, OLAP, dashboards and QbE into a single application along with an extensive set of operational data. The analysis now become easier and more immediate.

Moreover, the export of results is conceived to make everything more easily reusable by the most common office automation applications.