Knowage Labs meeting 2019
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On April 2nd and 3rd 2019, Knowage Labs gathered together in Turin. The meeting aim was to give the team an opportunity to meet and address some topics of general interest together. The hashtag #WeAreKnowage was launched.

The events started with presentation game which lead to the building of a passion-and-skills wall of the team. Then, the morning continued with team works on semantic environment canvas. Developers, consultant and board members collaborate together to define goals, rules, keywords and touchpoints of all Knowage stakeholders.In the afternoon,Knowage has been the main character: new features in development have been presented by developers and all ongoing projects have been shown by the consultants that follow them with the customer. It results in a wider knowledge for everyone.

The dinner time became creative and involving thanks to the cooking team building: developers, consultants and board members cooperate in a completely different environment, reaching tasty results!

In the second day, learning sessions where held on new data visualizations scenarios opened by the HTML widget, and on quality assessments and overall software improvements.
After, the sales and marketing funnel has been presented and discussed, in order to help each Knowage Labs member to find his/her comfortable role within it.
Closing the event, Grazia Cazzin (Knowage Labs director) shared the economical results obtained in 2018 and presented the new short-term and long-term roadmap: some ideas on its implementation were already shared.

This event strengthen the sense of unity of the team, and made everyone deeper involved in delivering the best software on the market together with our large open source community.

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