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On 5th and 6th of December, the Open Source Summit gathered in Paris the European open source community. Knowage Labs contributed to the event through a talk held by  Paolo Raineri (KNOWAGE business developer). He gave a brief overlook on how KNOWAGE suite enables tech people to empower the end-users experience showing how filling the gap between tech and non-tech...
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On October 19th, 2018 there will be one of the last Conventions organized to celebrate the 20 years of Milan-Bicocca University. The Convention title is “Health and safety in sport – employment relationship, risks and insurance aspects“. It will provide an interdisciplinary analysis of the issues related to sport organization and practice, also as a job activity. The conference...
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BIG DIVE offers training programs to boost technical data skills and resources to support organization’s data-driven transformation. BIG DIVE 7 will take place from June 18th to July 13th 2018 in Turin, Italy. It is intended for people willing to become a data scientist or level up their skills exploring first hand real cases with experts in the field.
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From 26th to 27th June, Knowage will participate to OW2con17, the annual event of the OW2 community. Knowage team will share its expertise and show Knowage most important functional evolutions
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  In warm appreciation of our association during the past year, we extend our very best wishes for a happy holiday season. Knowage Team
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From 17th to 20th October, Engineering Do Brasil will participate to Futurecom 2016 in São Paulo, showing Knowage during the largest and most qualified ICT event in Latin America.
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KnowageBD, the big data module of the Knowage analytical suite, has been certified on MapR data platform.
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Engineering is proud to introduce two new products of the Knowage suite: KnowagePA enables the prescriptive and predictive analysis
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Knowage Performance Management allows you to define KPIs to monitor and evaluate performances through thresholds